Tapir Tales(non-registered)
hi Roseanne,
Lovely gallery. Glad we share the same passion for nature. I fell in love with the jungle in Malaysia. Taman Negara, Borneo, Langkawi ... unforgettable sights. I became a passionate hiker and I even took on the Camino de Santiago. Absolute landscape poetry. You would love it. Especially the wide open spaces of the Meseta, the notorious plateau between Burgos and Leon.
Too bad you're not on Instagram. Think it's a dream medium for your lovely pictures.
Keep rocking,
Rik aka Tapir Tales
Carole Anne Gough(non-registered)
I just had to start the guest book off to the public just this once as I know you like to receive comments personally. Each time I visit your site you have added more to your collection. I have to say I can tell by how carefully you take your photographs and edit them with I must say lovely discriptions of where the prints were taken, what they are called your dicriptive comments all show how passionate you are about nature. It is such a pleasure to find out the names of so many flowers, animals, places etc. Looking forward to seeing where next you go in our beautiful countryside. Great Roseanne keep going
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