12th Centrury Priory in ixworthA Farmhouse nr WickambrookA Field in LakenheathA Grey SquirrelA house in ShimplingA Linden TreeAdmiral & Meadow Brown ButterfliesAdmiral ButterflyAdmiral ButterflyAdmiral Butterfly & a HoverflyAgricultural LandAgricultural LandAgricultural Land in LakenheathAgricultural Land nr WickambrookAgricultured FieldAll Saints Church EntranceAll Saints Church in Ixworth ThorpeAll Saints Church in Ixworth ThorpeAlpacas in LakenheathAlpacas, Llamas & Horses

1.Carole Anne Gough
A wonderful combination of Nature at it best, your collection shows your keen eye for detail and I like the description you give for each clip shows your love for all things beautiful and picturesque. Will look forward to your further adventures and Albums.
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