12th Centrury Priory in ixworth1803 Cast Iron Bridge1803 Cast Iron BridgeA Baby ToadA Farmhouse nr WickambrookA Field in LakenheathA Garden in BarrowA Grey SquirrelA house in ShimplingA Linden TreeA Mallard DuckA Pretty PondAdmiral & Meadow Brown ButterfliesAdmiral ButterflyAdmiral ButterflyAdmiral Butterfly & a HoverflyAdmiral Butterfly On BuddleiaAdmiral Butterfly on BuddleiaAgricultural LandAgricultural Land

Carole Anne Gough
A wonderful combination of Nature at it best, your collection shows your keen eye for detail and I like the description you give for each clip shows your love for all things beautiful and picturesque. Will look forward to your further adventures and Albums.
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